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This is our software projects page, here you can find all our already released software and information about current titles under development. We are not releasing software on regular pace, we believe the policy that "We do not release because we need to, but because we have something OFFER to the scene." Its been noted that we release software in once or twice a year :)

Not all of our projects are public, most of them are kept under very tight secrecy to prevent outsiders from stealing our fabulous ideas :) Anyway, here's a list and details of some of our recent projects:

Baddest Batches Latest version of the great bulletin PPE
Fastest Uploaders Fastest Uploaders for PCBoard & DayDream
PMCTOP Statistics for DayDream.
PMCWHAT What Transfers for PCBoard & DayDream
Baddest Calls Baddest Batches series, this time for calls!
The Cleaner PCBoard & DayDream Filelist Stripper
GftpdTool GftpdTool to generate week/month/all TOP statistics!


We also do requests if you have any good ideas. Suggestions? Please contact us.

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