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PC-TOP is a top uploaders list / chart of the telnet & original BBS scene.

Data files collected from the official PC-TOP member boards contain the upload bytes for each user. This data is counted and processed with the PC-TOP HOST program. The finished ranking list is released monthly, normally on the 1st day of each month around 00:01 (Finnish time, that's GMT +02:00), VERY fast after the month has changed. The release will be finished within a few hours before midnight to ensure that it is ready for download right after the actual release time.

Snake Man collects the data files using a pre-installed PC-TOP door program for DayDream, or a PC-TOP Remote PPE for PCBoard. At the moment there is support only for DayDream and PCBoard, but if you'd like to get your own board along and its not running either of these two, let us know and we'll see what can be done.

Snake Man will not reveal the names nor the sysops of the member boards. This decision was made as early as in 1993 because of the possible bust danger against the cool mega-upload-boards. So far there has not been any reason to alter our policy.

Member boards usually advertise their membership, so you should get an account in one of them. And if you already happen to be in one, you probably know it.

  • TOP 10 Uploaders
  • TOP 50 Uploaders
  • TOP 10 Monthly Uploaders
  • TOP 10 Monthly Alltime Best
  • TOP 10 Groups
  • TOP 10 Groups Monthly
  • TOP 10 Groups Alltime Best

contact Snake Man. Let him know your board's phone number / telnet IP address and the account's password you've created for him. He'll drop by soon.

  • Can handle 10,000 users (depends on free memory - 1365 users = 65Kb)
  • 65 535 999 999 999 bytes per user or group
    (4 294 967 295 999 999 999 possible)
  • 200 boards
  • 100 bad users per board (local)
  • 100 global badusers
  • 100 groups
  • 32.000 users per group

It's the graphical interface with cool features. Viewing can be done with graphical bars and is really helpful for watching as the trader moves up or down on the chart and how fast this is happening. Data files to this graphical application will be released along with normal 'ANSI/ASCII' version of PC-TOP.

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