04/01/2004: PC-TOP has ended
PC-TOP Uploaders Chart has come to its end. We are not longer going to gather data files from BBS's and generate this top. Main reason is the inactivity in the bbs scene in the present time. FTP trading and such has just ran the bbs's dry, sorry but this is how it is. (And no, this is no april fools joke).

12/01/2003: Still running
Two boards left, but still running as usual.

11/01/2003: Two man month
This was a two man month, well there is always next time :)

10/01/2003: All NonBoard!.
For balance, again one board down. Heh... but, keep on trading :)

09/01/2003: All onBoard!.
All boards were up, excellent. Movement in TOP-10, double excellent.

08/01/2003: Missing dats again.
Two boards were offline, datafiles missed. Sorry.

07/01/2003: Welcome unnamed board.
We welcome new PC-TOP memberboard, welcome! Good month everyone.

06/01/2003: RIP unnamed board.
We lost one of our long time member boards, RIP buddy. But solid month.

05/01/2003: Good old traders.
Yeah one board still down. Darn. But good old traders keep going.

04/01/2003: Dropout.
Seems like one board has died and dropped out. Too bad...

03/01/2003: Continuing!
One board missed is datafile, otherwise, stable low action ;)

02/01/2003: Datafile!
First month of 2003 and one bbs missed datafile. Bueno bueno.

01/01/2003: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year 2003. This release was missing one datafile, too bad.

12/01/2002: Zeneth is new top uploader!
Two bbs's back in action with datafiles, Zeneth took top-1 place!

11/01/2002: Missed datafiles #3
I cannot believe that two boards missed their datafiles. Oh damn this sucks.

10/01/2002: Missed datafile #2
One bbs missed the datafile, again and AGAIN. Oh well there is always next month, or next bbs...

09/01/2002: Missed datafile
One bbs missed the datafile, again. Oh well there is always next month.

08/01/2002: Solid month!
Very good month from all traders. Congrats, keep up the good work!

07/01/2002: PC-TOP #100!
Whohuu! 100th release of PC-TOP! Its been wild ride with bbs trading and we still keep going! Good job everyone!

06/01/2002: Good month.
Pretty good month from all the traders, keep it up!

05/01/2002: Another miss.
One bbs missed the datafile collection this month, oh well. At least the guys have been busy trading. Good job!

04/01/2002: Solid month.
Solid Month, nothing really to report. Keep it going guys.

03/01/2002: Datafile miss.
Another bbs missed the datafile collection, yet Jughead kicked ass!

02/01/2002: Big mistake.
Unbelievable. I forgot to do December 2001 PC-TOP :(
Anyways here is the January 2002 PC-TOP without monthly statistics.

12/01/2001: One Show
This month should have some more activity, yet ok month.

11/01/2001: Threemanshow
Nice upload from three guys, but where are the rest of your? :)

10/01/2001: Massive monthly!
Jughead pumped 82 fucking gigabytes on this months PC-TOP!

09/01/2001: Stupid Host guy!
Okay so what if I forgot to update the July news here? :)
Anyways it was really nice month with extremely tight group competition between RiSC and Mafia Jeopardy, good work!

07/01/2001: Make note of the monthly!
In this months release, the bytes are 0 from that one board that missed the datafile lastmonth. In the next release everything should be ok.

06/01/2001: One board missed datafile!
Good month from users, except that one board missed the datafile collection!

05/01/2001: PC-TOP release - Group competition!
Good solid month, guys did great job racing on grouptop. good job!

04/01/2001: PC-TOP release - Abit delayed.
We did have abit delayed release here, but its now out there so enjoy.

03/01/2001: PC-TOP release - Still a slow month...
February was a slow month, still good score from Guardian!

02/01/2001: PC-TOP release - January the slow month.
Slow month, but nice to see "new" guys in the monthly top :) keep up the good work guys.

01/01/2001: PC-TOP release - Happy YearTop!
Zeneth is da man, he has been trading so much this year that nobody deserves better the December PC-TOP victory! Congratulations!

12/01/2000: PC-TOP release - Good race.
RedZombie took win from close race with Zeneth, great job guys!

11/01/2000: PC-TOP release - 1 dat.
Another release, another fucking datafile missing... what can I say.

10/01/2000: PC-TOP release.
Another stable PC-TOP release for you scene people.

09/01/2000: PC-TOP release.
One bbs was down and datafile was not collected. Nothing more.

07/01/2000: PC-TOP is here
Just a piece of PC-TOP, nothing more, nothing less. enjoy.

06/01/2000: PC-TOP is back!
PC-TOP is back! Yeaah baby Yeaah! we finally made it with web based version for all you to view. Go checkit out from the main menu selection.

05/01/2000: PC-TOP where is it?
Some of you were waiting the release of today, but unfortunately two of the PC-TOP memberboards were down and the decision was made not to release the top without everyones bytes. Next release: 06/01/00, start trading the bytes are counted for monthly stat!

BTW: The next release can be viewed from web!

03/05/2000 March: PC-TOP takes Millennium.
Good news for PC-TOP fans (err, the 2 guys:) we have been looking into new PC-TOP Online version lately, as people have been asking for web page access to the top uploader lists. We hope to provide you guys in near future a new PC-TOP what you can view from the World Wide Web !

Do telnet suck, do ftp "rulez"? well, we are looking into the ftp scene now for possible rip, iso, vcd, mp3 scene. At this moment we already have gftpd userdata collector ready and who knows, unofficial testing could start any day... if you have any ideas/comments/questions, please contact us.

01/01/2000 January
Solid PC-TOP right after the new year celebrations, happy new year to all the hard working traders!
We will be taking a little break now, so you might not see any releases in next few months, but this is not certain yet, check these pages to see if any new releases come out.

12/01/1999 December
Zany got back and is this months top-1, congrats. Very nice month overall, as this was the last PC-TOP release of this century! :) I hope we can be ranking telnet uploaders in the year 2000 as we have done since 1993.

11/01/1999 November
Zeneth still holding the first place on top-users and also we have AMNESIA running to highscore group monthly, congratulations for the hardworking traders!

10/01/1999 October
Congratulations for Zeneth as he took the top-1 place from Zany, keep up the good work traders.

09/01/1999 September
We have new bbs joining, which is XX of course :)
Please welcome AMNESIA and DEVOTION to the grouptop competition, welcome aboard guys!

08/01/1999 August
Nope no luck this time either. TWO nice boards are down, one for good and one just did not answer. Its a shame. datas were collected from only two remaining boards in this 70th release of PC-TOP to this date (quite much huh).
Millennium merged to RTS and this will reflect on the next release where you see RTS competing in the grouptop.

07/01/1999 July
Well goddamn two bbs missed the datafiles, this sucks :( I hope we can get all the datafiles collected in next release because of the latest misses...

06/01/1999 June
One bbs did miss the datafile collection due no connect, the sysop was nowhere to find, so no luck this time.
Besides that... nothing much really this time. just trading :)

No changes on boards or groups member lists. pretty damn stable action.

Two new boards joined (telnet of course, analogs are dead), currently we are running 4 board configuration. more to follow I'm sure. One board missed its datafile, sorry about this... the bytes will be entered into the all_time of next release, no worries.

One of our great PC-TOP boards went down just a week ago, this is very sad for us and the whole telnet scene. Anyway we are trading as there are still great boards left, and what we have heard... more are coming up soon.

New group in the chart, which is AOD. Welcome aboard guys! Blackarmy and Zipworm moved into the ranks of AOD.

Release of #64 out today.

Happy New Year from PC-TOP!

Nothing much at this time, keep on trading.

Year nearing to its end, PC-TOP keeps going.

More groups are still wanted, sign up. The 'BBS' board is out, so current status: 3 telnet boards, 1 down. (bytes from the 'down' telnet bbs are included even if its down).

Another PC-TOP release put out today.

New group in the groups list; RC, welcome aboard! More groups are wanted, please sign up. One of our great telnet boards are down, so current status: 3 telnet boards, 1 BBS. (bytes from the 'down' telnet bbs are included even if its down).

Second internet based & 60th PC-TOP released today! Man, its 60 releases behind us today. Wow!

We have new groups in the Group Top; RiSC, HC and MILLENNIUM warm welcome guys! There are still openings for 7 more groups on the chart, so sign up now. Current status: 4 telnet boards, 1 original BBS.

First internet based PC-TOP release with 2 telnet boards and 2 original BBSs. Monthly statistics were empty along with Top Group stats because we weren't able to reach any groups before this (first) release and the monthly stats need to be initialized before actual bytes can be calculated. Next release (01/10/1998) will include the calculated bytes.

Groups are welcome to join the competition! If you're in a good trading group, please contact us containing the name of the group you want to support. Please remember: only one group per trader. PC-TOP does not support multigroup statistics.

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