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  • PCBoard & DayDream filelist stripper
    Download Fastest Uploaders!
  • PCBoard bulletin maker PPE / executable
    Download Baddest Batches!
  • PCBoard bulletin maker PPE
    Download Baddest Calls!
  • PCBoard bulletin maker PPE
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  • PC-TOP the latest
    Download The Cleaner latest BETA!
  • The Cleaner v1.1b rev1 public beta.
Other fine products available in our web site:
    Download STEL!
  • STEL for telnet trading. You might also need the file for the stel if it wont work on your shell. it needs to be copied into the linux /lib dir. download it here:
    - btw: if anyone has any information where to get STEL sources or other versions, Please contact us.

even some older stuff is available in our archives :)

PMC-BDB0.ZIP 03/16/96 Baddest Batches! v0.9. Batch Top PPE for PCBoard, with sources!
PMC-GRTO.ZIP 03/26/95 GroupTop PPE! GroupTop for PCBoard systems. *NEW* PPE!
PMC-NEWS.ZIP 02/13/96 PMC - fuck the police! Read about the Scene Shocking Comeback!
PMC-PTVU.ZIP 03/19/95 PC-TOP Updated Data Files. Read the included info file!
PMC-SNT1.ZIP 03/11/95 Sent PPE v1.5 enhanced! Another fine PMC PPE production!
PMC-SRES.ZIP 03/07/95 Smodem Resume PPE. Both PPLC v3.00 & 3.10 versions included
PMC-YELR.ZIP 03/08/95 Yeller PPE v1.0. Another fine PMC PPE production!
PMC-CLR0.ZIP 11/13/96 The Cleaner v0.3ß (c) Snake Man, PMC 1996
PMC-CLR1.ZIP 10/18/97 The Cleaner v0.5ß (c) Snake Man, PMC 1996,97

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