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Baddest Batches are originally idea from Painkiller (PK, familiar name?:) the idea is now pretty old, it was first introduced to PMC guys in 1996. We started to make code for this bitch around the same time PK told us that this would be nice idea. First versions were quite lame PCBoard .PPE's with lot of bugs in it, but it was not until the version 1.3 that has the professional look of which we now know as the Baddest Batches from PMC.

The program is ppe that reads the upload batch size and stores the highest sizes into datafile, and the same time (if we have new record) generates the bulletin. There is configuration file from where you can modify the colors of the bulletin so you are not stuck with the colors the coders have decided to include. We think that configuration / personalizing software is life.

The linux version for DayDream is coming along nicely. we are beta testing and tuning the software for release condition, which sould be around 08-07-99 at Assembly '99 parties... who knows.

Example screen capture of the bulletin can be seen here.

Download PCBoard ppe v1.3 PMC-BB13.ZIP

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