wkup / wkdn / mup / mdn / alup / etc :) to Jonni's daemon.
It will create nice outlook of alltime, week and month top on users & groups.

Total Configurability

Thats right, you can define how the tops will look like, from the scratch. For example if you feel you dont want to add tagline, just leave it out and the top will be created without it. Configuration is handled with example footer and normal lines.

Does not mess with gftpd

Our tool works also with normal deamon top generating scripts, you can easily select which one you want to use, after you've seen this baby in action. It will not tamper the daemon/scripts in any way.

Highscores anyone?

We include also highscores. Have you ever got frustrated when you trade like fucking animal and only to see your MASSiVE upload record to be washed away in next weeks wkup update? well no more baby... gftpdtool will generate highscore records that show for example in wkup: highest wkup bytes & best user bytes.

click here for installation documents.

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