Do you run DayDream v2.05 and are bitching to update it?
Heres step-by-step update guide!

DD v2.05 -> v2.10 upgrade.

follow these instructions PRECISELY and you'll be happy sysop.

1) backup your old bbs dir for example "tar zcvf my_board.tar.gz /home/bbs/"
2) untar the daydream (
3) run "./configure"
4) run "make"
5) go to /home/bbs where your dd v2.05 is located and do "rm * -rf"
6) run "make install" to dd v2.10 untar dir.

done, DD is installed. then for the upgrade part, copy your old daydream.cfg to the /home/bbs and edit it, add line "FLOODKILLTRIG 10" somewhere before the conferences part.

7) run "./utils/ddcfg daydream.cfg" in /home/bbs dir.
8) copy your old userdata.dat file to the current /home/bbs/data/ dir.
9) do "chown -R bbs.bbs /home/bbs/".

done, if everything went well you should have now DayDream v2.10 installed with your old userdatas active. of course the bbs color scheme & design is still default daydream, the next section covers the cosmetics.

first part of cosmetics...

1) go to your old display/iso dir and "cp * /home/bbs/display/iso/".
2) go to your old bulletins dir and "cp * /home/bbs/bulletins/".
3) go to your old batch/ dir and "cp * /home/bbs/batch/".
4) go to your old configs/ dir and "cp * /home/bbs/configs/".
5) do "mkdir /home/bbs/logfiles" go to your old logfiles/ dir and "cp * /home/bbs/logfiles/".
done... at least this far ;)

next is the magical strings.001 file, this gets pretty tricky let me tell you. Use the script to convert your old strings file. (TEMP NOTE: strconv guide is coming soon...)

Eh tell you the truth this cosmetics 1-5 parts came from my memory, so DONT KILL me if you fuck everything up by following these ;) heh ok ok, it sould work 99.9% trust me. I must say this because I've havent tested itself NOW, but I've done own installation like mentioned above.

This was how to update daydream 2.05 -> 2.10 document v0.2 by Snake Man, PMC.

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