Do you want to trade safely, do you want encrypted connection?

This is quick guide to how you can trade with ssh connection, so NOBODY can snoop on your connection, what is your password, or what files are you transferring. I cannot think of ANY reason why everybody wouldn't be using this method.

Windows users

Use SecureCRT or similiar client that supports ssh and zmodem. SecureCRT v3.0.x is tested and works. Install scrt, make ssh connection bookmark for the bbs, the secure shows ansi colors just ok. if the bbs (linux daydream that is:) has this login as "bbs", you can and need to setup scrt ssh connection username as "bbs", if the login has password (weird), insert it there too.
This way the connection jumps directly to the daydream.

Linux users

Use zssh. you can download it from and install it. if the board you will logon has the bbs user, use zssh as "zssh -l bbs ip_number" and it logins you directly without asking username. When you start the transfer, use ctrl-2 key combination to start-up the ssh's zmodem support. then you just type *.zip if uploading, or it will start the leech automatically if you are leeching.

Its SO EASY, its so SAFE. its so COOL!

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