PCBoard & DayDream transfer activity monitor

This is program that lists user(s) uploads and downloads with great detail!
pmcwhat was first build in PCBoard with ppl, where it served really great back in good old days, listing uploads, downloads, files, megs and the cps rate.

PCBoard version got never publicly released.
btw: if you need the pcboard version, please email us.

DayDream/Linux version is build with the color configuration in mind, you can actually change all the colours used in the output, this is in our opinion the must for todays bbs scene, if one door does fuck up the boards scheme, it is usually not used... so here we go. pmcwhat for DayDream is at beta stage at this moment (beginning of August), it will be released very soon so stay tuned.

More detailed look for what's this door about here

coming soon to download. PMC-???.ZIP

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