The Cleaner (c) PMC

PCBoard & DayDream filelist stripper/cleaner/shrinker

This software will strip/clean filelists so sysop dont have to bother himself about the time consuming filelist maintenance job. Options are; cleaning only those materials specified in datafile, cleaning of ALL except the first line and the best option... cleaning everything except the last file_di.diz of the release. You can also convert all characters to lowercase if thats more cooler look you want to pursue.

Current versions are PCBoard (DOS & OS/2) and DayDream (Linux). I think that the dos/os2 versions are not going to be supported anymore as the platform is pretty much DEAD, and considering the current version works pretty nicely.

Program is written with C++ so its pretty darn fast. using the linux version to clean about 3-4 MEG filelist takes only a couple of seconds, and it has never corrupted filelist (in active use since 1996).

See the example jpg pictures of the work of Cleaner here

btw: please notice that there is huge difference in latest Release and the last public beta version :) and please do not spread the latest public beta because its not meant for distribution, its just for you if you're kind enough to test it and report back to us if you find any bugs. Thanks.

Download latest release ver The Cleaner v1.0 PMC-CLR2.ZIP

Download public beta ver The Cleaner v1.0b rev1 PMC-CLRB.ZIP

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