Game Reviews by PMC. PIC(ture comingsoon:)

Welcome to PMC game review pages. First of all I'd want to say that these pages are not to complete some bad-ass review pages that the net is full of, but these pages really want just to plain and simple Scene-Dude attitude let people know if a game or release is worth the download.

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
Best strategy/tactical wargame there is.

F1 World Grand Prix
Official F1 racing game...

Rogue Spear - Korean Missions
I seriously want to take you down.

StarFleet Command Gold Ed.
Wanna be a StarFleet Captain?

Motocross Madness 2
Ride a dirtbike, cross!

H&D: Devils Bridge
World War II war 3d action shooter with twist of tactical.

Uefa Euro 2000
Official world cup football stuff.

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