Falcon 4 new pilot tutorial by PMC.

Installation tutorial

This is general installation help of Falcon 4 for PMC multiplaying games.
1) Clean up 700mb or even more space to your drive and DEFRAG it.
2) Reboot & Install Falcon 4.0 original.
3) Install Falcon 4 US patch v1.08 downloadable here
4) Install ibeta Realism Patch v2.1 downloadable here
5) Reboot & DEFRAG the drive.

Done, now start the game and add your own pilot data like callsign etc. Realism levels are all to the high realism. So as you can see our format for F4 is v1.08 + realism patch v2.1.

First tutorial, Takeoff & Landing

When you are in the runway, cleared to takeoff, this is the procedure:
1) Power up to full afterburner!
2) At around 150knots pull back the stick easily

3) When airborne, pull up the gear with G key on keyboard.
Congratulations, you are now in the air and flying the aircraft!

Lining up on landing:
1) navigate to final leg :)
2) pull back the throttle and activate airbrake with B key on keyboard.
3) under 300knots, lower the landing gear by pressing G on keyboard.

4) use throttle rpm of about 81-84 depending on your aircraft weight.
5) Center the Flight Path Marker to the beginning of runway and easily bring down the aircraft.

6) On touchdown, cut the power, hit the wheelbrake with K on keyboard.
Congratulations, you have just landed a multimillion dollar airplane!


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