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Nov, 2003. Release toughts


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release date: 12-01-03.

Well its slow as there are only two boards actively in the list, one board
is running fine and "with us" but there is datafile problem which makes
the host program to flip. So we just have to live with this for the moment.

Congrats for the guys who have traded in anycase.

Encrypted bbs connections? Yup, there is now this zssh protocol that supports zmodem with ssh connection on linux shells, the windows users have already the securecrt where you can use ssh + zmodem on bbs connections. You can see more details from PMC web pages, link at bottom of this file.

Current status: 2 boards.

PMC & PC-TOP info web pages; www.nekromantix.com/pmc

"Santas bags" Snake Man, PCTOPHOST 12-01-03.

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